Free tools to automate your workflow


I recently took a LIFE CHANGING course in an awesome Facebook group for small business owners, and it had me so inspired to automate my workflow! I just had to stop letting the small daily tasks overtake me any longer! So what's a girl to do? Well, I've implemented three amazing tools to create the workflow of my dreams and I mean seriously... dreams! Because now I'm actually sleeping more, working less! How? This workflow does the work for me!



So here's the scoop:


First things first you need an awesome CRM software like say, DUBSADO!


Yoir first 5 jobs are FREE, so you can login, create an account and use all of the wonderful features without a commitment! Upgrade for just $20 a month and you get a top-notch business management platform that allows you to streamline your workflow in EVERY aspect! From email, invoices, workflows and lead capture all the way to e-signing digital contracts and more!


How does this all work?


Dubsado connects all the dots for you! Using other common business platforms like stripe, and gmail, just to name a few, you can integrate all of your accounts into one hub within your dashboard!


Next steps: sign up with my referral code (alisabethdesigns) and enjoy 20% off your first month or year!


Now go celebrate, you just saved yourself 100 wrinkles and 2785932 hours of sleep!