3 Step Branding Checklist


You're probably wondering how in the world can branding be as simple as 3 steps? Well, it's not quite that simple but I promise if you take the time to follow these easy steps, you'll be on the right track to achieving #brandinggoals



I know, I know but seriously. Comparison is a HUGE trap for many of us. It's so easy to look at how perfect others brands are, or even how perfect their business *seems,* but do yourself a favor and don't fall into that trap! Now, I'm all for inspiration but there's a difference between the two. If you're looking at someone else's brand and thinking ugh.... I'm never going to get mine to look like that.. I wish... then you're comparing! If you're looking at someone else's brand and thinking wow, that is so beautiful and that gives me a great idea... then you're pulling inspiration! Inspiration gives birth to dreams, and I love nothing more than browsing Pinterest for fabulous ideas and to learn new design techniques. It is such a great place for me to start pulling ideas from so that I can dream up my own unique designs! Now, what are you waiting for!? It's time to start brainstorming creative ideas for your fabulous business!



I hear it all the time... "Sarah, I have this huge vision, but I need your help to make it become a reality." Guess what? You can absolutely begin to execute your vision by simply thinking through your strategy! Most often times I will follow up their question with "What is your strategy?" And their answer 90% of the time is... "I don't have one." You can't expect to go somewhere without a plan of action! So, ask yourself these important questions:  What is your end goal for your new brand? What style(s) are you drawn to? What font style(s) do you prefer? DIY or Designer? How will you keep your new brand cohesive (think collateral, social media, website) Ask yourself the hard questions, write down your answers, and get to work!


3rd Step-  TAKE ACTION

You've dreamed up your new beautiful, shiny, sparkly brand, you have your plan of action, now it's time to execute! How will you maintain cohesiveness through every facet of your business(website, social media feed, collateral)? Do you want to launch big (giveaways, contests, sponsorships, collabs) or small (share intimately with family, friends and followers)? 


Dont feel intimidated by the tasks, tackle them one by one with an intentional plan of action! 


Wishing you all the best on your branding adventures,


Sarah Crook

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