Color theory and how it relates to branding 🌈


So, you're brainstorming your new or newly renovated branding scheme and you're thinking, where the heck do people even come up with these "color schemes"?! Good news is, it's not rocket science, just some good ol' basic color theory, not too bad right?
Don't worry, I'm going to spell it all out for you so all you have to do is pick the color family that identifies with your personal style and the ideal clients you're looking to attract!



Soft, feminine, delicate, romantic, ummm can you say Breakfast at Tiffany's?! Alisabeth Designs is all things classy + feminine which is exactly why I went for blush and nude tones! #bossbabes



Warm, inviting, friendly, genuine, positive

Are you wanting to welcome people into your cozy interior design services? Do you love editing with moody, deep tones? This may be the choice for you!



Calm, peaceful, relaxing, unity, loyalty

AKA spas, hotels, financial institutions, banks

My personal favorite way to incorporate blue is into beachy brands that have a lifestyle vibe. Ready for vacay yet?



Fun, vibrant, energy, hope, anticipation

If you don't need coffee to be happy, happy, happy then this may be the color for you! I recently incorporated yellow into a cupcake inspired brand, SO much fun!



Bold, dramatic, powerful, grounded, love, depth

Are you in the business of empowering others? Unafraid to stand out? Using red tastefully can give your brand a sophisticated edge!



Classic, edgy, sophisticated, high-end, luxury, modern

If you are going for a timeless approach to your brand then black might be the perfect choice! Never goes out of style, always looks good!



Health, wealth, adventure, nature, energy, motivation

Health coaches, financial advisors, life coaches and those with a sense of wanderlust, this is definitely a great direction for you!



I hope you've enjoyed reading through all of the emotions that are evoked with each color! If you have any questions about creating your color profile, don't hesitate to email me! I would love to help you along your journey to the perfect brand.


Wishing you all the best on your journey in branding 🦄✨

Sarah Crook

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