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Meet Brianna, she is a lovely southern girl from my hometown, Atlanta, Ga!
We met in a "little" group called The Rising Tide Society, she saw my work, we chatted on the phone, dreamt up the most beautiful, trendy, and modern fashion blog ever and put it into action December 2016. Brianna re-launched this January 2017 with a fresh approach to not only her blog but to her style. 

When we began this project with AOFS, we were lucky enough that Brianna already had killer branding. This made it easy to implement Brianna's existing logo, alt & sub into the design. We also added in her branded fonts using custom CSS and implemented her color scheme throughout the site. Having cohesive branding throughout the website was super important to Brianna!

Brianna had a lot of custom design requests that we were happy to fulfill, one of these was a personal favorite! That would be adding in a faux blog homepage, where we created a custom sidebar featuring her Instagram & Pinterest feed, as well as custom archives for followers to navigate through her well-organized posts. We also added in her feature badges so followers can view her partners, and shop her fabulous looks!

When everything was said and done Brianna fell head over heels for her new blog and we couldn't be more excited for her as she ventures into the fashion blogging world!

Sarah Crook